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If you are looking for an affordable mobility scooter in Boston area then you’ve come to the right place. As you look around we suggest you also stop to think about the long list of accessories with which you can equip your Pride or Shoprider mobility scooter. With these accessories, you can personalize your disability scooter just the way you would like it giving both personality and personal comfort.

Personal Mobility Scooters Brighton MA

First, you should look closely to the type of mobility scooters that will meet your needs and comfort. There are lightweight models, heavyweight models, models with three wheels, models with four wheels and some medical, Medicare or disability scooters that can be optioned almost as nicely as a car.

Since we are dealing with personal mobility scooters here, you should be aware that the choice of equipment lies with you and your needs. Do not let a dealership – whether standard brick and mortar store or some eDealer over the Internet – sell you things you don't need. The one thing we offer is that not only can you find out mobility scooters on the web you may also visit one of our Boston Medical Supply store to see the real thing. In either case, be sure to include the items you need and want.

Mobility Scooters Boston MAMedicare Scooters at AM-PM Medical Supplies

Our many years of experience dealing with Medicare is the very reason to purchase your Medicare scooter through AM-PM Medical Supplies. Are you aware that much of your service is covered by Medicare, and if your service company wants to give the extra effort they will bill Medicare directly an you will never see the bills? Yes, at AM-PM Home Medical Supplies we will not only bill Medicare for your initial Medicare Scooter purchase but also for your service needs – like when your scooter needs a new battery – and yes, all batteries give up after some number of uses. So be especially careful if you are purchasing a Medicare Mobility scooter we can help you now, ensuring that things you thought were covered by Medicare now must come out of your pocket, and later when your mobility scooter needs general or emergency service. When purchasing for a Medicare covered solution we suggest you contact us. We are local Brighton, Boston Massachusetts  Home Medical Supply and we can help you navigate the Medicare process from experience. We will make sure that the process that should have cost you little, and often nothing, does not turn out to be a unexpected blow to your savings.

Actually, taking this slightly out of order, the first thing you should be thinking about is how you intend to use your mobility scooter. Do you need the stability offered by a 4 wheel platform in your medical scooter or will a 3 wheel scooter be the best choice. You will find we carry and support both layouts in lightweight and heavy-duty scooter lines and while the 4 wheel electric scooters do tend to take up a bit more space, they are inherently more stable because it of the square footprint. 3 wheel mobility scooter, on the other hand, tend to be quicker-reacting and easier to maneuver in crowds and tight spaces so your choice really should be based on expected location of use.

Used and Rental Mobility Scooters in Boston area

We would also urge you to watch your budget when you are buying not only the scooter but also its accessories. There are cheap mobility scooters out there, but keep in mind that you should consider why they are lower cost. Are they cheaper because they high quality and used, or are they cheap because they are simply lower quality construction. Clearly, lower quality won't last as long as a higher quality heavy duty scooter. However, there is always the possibility that you may find a high quality second-hand mobility unit or a used mobility scooter or used medical scooter that meets your needs and a tight budget. So in short, yes we just may be able to source for you a cheap mobility scooter that also meets our quality standards to ensure you are happy when you buy a mobility scooter from AM-PM Home Medical Supplies.

Ultimately, of course, the choice is yours. New or used, both will meet your basic needs. Some look quite hard for deep discount mobility scooters and sometimes hit it lucky, and then of course, you can always consider a mobility scooter rental to help keep your costs within your budget.

Heavy-duty Mobility Scooters Brighton Massachusetts

Now, as for our point of view. For long-term use, our best solutions have always been the heavy-duty Pride mobility scooters or the Shoprider scooters. Simply put, they will stand the test of time and will offer a better resale value down the road should you decide you need or want an upgrade. So, where do you find heavy-duty mobility scooters for sale? Just call us! We can source for you any of the major manufacturers, such as Pride or Shoprider. We carry complete lines of not only heavy-duty scoots, but also bariatric scooters, lightweight or travel scooters, adult electric scooters or disabled and bariatric mobility scooters.
And let us not forget you will have a choice between the 3 wheel mobility scooters and the slightly larger and stronger 4 wheel electric mobility scooters.

Mobility Scooter Accessories Boston MA

Now it’s time to return to considering the accessories offered. Looking at the accessory lists for either the Pride or Shoprider lines of electric mobility scooters, you find a whole variety of equipment with which you can equip your wheelchair scooter or medical scooter.

At AM-PM Medical Supplies we carry a complete line of mobility scooter accessories such as:

• Air tank holders
• Crane arms
• Extra-large carrying baskets
• Walker carriers
• Tilt and adjustable seats
• Turn signals
• Hand safety brakes
• Insertable headlights
• Warning horns
• Extra storage under the seat
• Seats that are adjustable
• Heavy-duty batteries

In review, Boston Medical Supply carries a complete and wide variety of 3-wheel and 4-wheel mobility scooters and electric scooters and in addition a wide variety of accessory items.

Call us today and allow AM-PM Medical Supplies to answer all your mobility scooter questions, and don’t forget, with our many years of experience dealing with Medicare we can also ensure billing satisfaction with a Medicare scooter purchase.

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