Medical Supply Allston, MA

Medical Supply Allston, MA

AM-PM Medical Supply is a one shop store where you can get all your medical supply needs under one roof. If you are a resident of Allston (MA) or stay in Brighton, Dorchester or East Boston, you can rest assured that we can take care of all your needs.  Our professionally qualified staff not only takes care of your requirement of home medical supplies, but is also courteous and patient and can help you with any of your queries. We also have been serving many customers with different types of insurances. We understand your needs and our foremost goal is to lend a helping hand to those in need by providing a wide range of home medical equipment at the best possible price.

Allston, MA (Massachusetts) boasts of many reputed hospitals. We provide medical supply products to this area to residences in this area.

Hospital Bed and Mattress Allston, MA

There is no denying the fact that one of the most important medical supply equipment that any hospital facility or a home with a patient who is convalescing or needs to rest in comfort requires, are comfortable hospital beds and hospital mattresses. We have a wide range of this equipment for you to choose from in our hospital and home medical equipment supply section. The Hospital mattresses and beds are designed to prevent fall and also help in easily transferring a reclining patient to and from another bed. There is also the risk of pressure ulcers when patients are made to sleep on normal beds. The gel mattress overlay, that is made by combining gel and foam together in a single assembly helps in preventing pressure ulcers. Similarly the low air loss mattress also helps reduce pressure ulcers or bed sores by ensuring that the weight of the patient is uniformly distributed by repositioning the body in such a way that there is no pressure on a particular part of the body.

Wheelchair in Allston MA

Yet another sought after medical supply equipment is to do with mobility. Wheelchairs are mandatory equipment in hospitals to take the patients for one location to another either for conducting tests or to take them away from their rooms to mingle with other patients. This is also a much needed home medical equipment that will be of great help to patients receiving medical care at home by increasing their mobility inside the homes and helping the caregivers in moving the patients within the home. Any mobility equipment should be comfortable, easy to use and also functional. Here too we have a supply of a wide range of such equipment that include manual wheelchairs, standard wheelchairs, light weight wheelchairs, heavy duty wheelchairs and power motorized wheelchairs. We have a stock of so many options because in our experience we know that each of the above mobility equipment have different functions and all reputed hospitals need a supply of all of these. We also have walkers for geriatric patients and other patients who have trouble walking. Our range of walkers includes both the 2 wheels walkers, 4 wheels walkers.

Other Medical Supply Equipment near Allston Massachusetts

We realize that with so many hospitals in Allston, MA (Massachusetts), the need for a good medical supply store is important. We can cater to all your needs - be it medical oxygen supplies or nebulizer kits, tent units or diabetic medical supplies - we have them all and will be glad to be of service to you assuring you that you will get a good price for it is our policy to help facilitate healthy living at minimal costs. We also provide home medical supplies to those patients who are being taken care of at home.

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