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Hospital Beds in Boston MA

Hospitals and other clients from all over the region have a particular liking for the variety of hospital beds that we have to offer, useful for various different purposes. We offer both hospital bed rental as well as for sale.

Adjustable Hospital Beds in Boston area

Adjustable hospital beds is a latest in medical supplies for hospitals and we at Medical Supply have used our acquired knowledge over medical equipment to select and equip a highly comfortable and yet extremely effective adjustable hospital beds. These beds can be quite helpful in the event of many medical emergencies.

An electric hospital bed especially useful during those stressful times where the patient cannot mobilize themselves out of bed is also something that we often present as an option. These electric hospital beds are strategically designed by experts who are the best in the field and guarantee that their product will stand all possible emergency medical complications and offer ease and comfort in bed operation.

We also supply Semi electric Hospital Beds, which offer some of the qualities of fully electric at a lesser price.

Home hospital beds are also an essential feature of our offerings. These beds are also for sale or rent. Some times when patients are advised home treatment or their condition is too fragile to be shifted to a hospital, there arises a frantic demand for home hospital beds by the patient’s family members. And in such times, non availability of such equipment sends the care givers into frenzy. So, we at Boston Medical Supply have paid great attention to this particular need and are prepared to assist. These hospital beds for home use have the essential feature of easy portability, and are very simple to use and work with. They are also equipped with all the features of an adjustable Hospital Bed.

So we get to you all the features of a hospital bed right inside your houses…

Adjustable Hospital Beds in Boston areaHospital Bed Mattresses in Massachusetts

Hospital bed mattresses can certainly make or break your bed. We provide an impressive range of these mattresses for you to select from. Right from the basic hospital Bed Mattresses, to the more comfortable Air Mattresses. These Air Pressure Mattresses are pretty rare and so we make it a point that our customers are among those lucky enough to be able to get one when in need.

We have for Semi electrical Hospital Beds half rail and adjustable rang rails. We also have transfer bar for sem i electric hospital beds.

Thus, keeping this in mind, we at our Medical Supply in Boston, MA have decided to strive hard in bringing to you all the latest in medical supply equipments at absolutely any time of the day or night. We are located in Brighton MA, and being very close to Boston, customers from nearby and surrounding areas of Boston can take advantage of our services.

We at AM-PM Medical Supply provide all possible emergency medical equipment supplies but the one aspect that we specialize in is the elaborate variety of Hospital emergency beds at our disposal, waiting to serve you.

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