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Diabetic Shoes in Boston MA

The Best Diabetic Shoes in Boston. Covere d by Medicare & other insurances.

Shoes for Diabetics

One of the lesser-known side effects of diabetes is decreased feeling in the feet due to poor blood circulation. This can lead to numbness and other health risks. We must also highlight the extreme danger of NOT wearing proper protective footwear for those diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy. To take preventative measures means a change of footwear to a pair of shoes purposely designed to help this exact issue. Located minutes from Boston in historic Brighton, MA, AM-PM Medical Supply is here to help you find the perfect fit for your feet. Some of the top brand-name diabetic shoes in the industry are Pilgrim and Orthofeet, and we help you fit the right pair. We know and value how important it is for you to have the right diabetic shoe for you, taking into account your needs. We offer men’s and women’s shoes.

Diabetic Shoe Stores in BostonDiabetic Shoe Stores in Boston

This is not shoe-shopping from a bygone era. While diabetic shoes have undergone a change, and many styles available are just as chic as non-diabetic shoes, the fact remains: these shoes can save your feet, enabling you to have greater mobility and keep you healthier. For something as vital as your health, we wouldn’t think of offering anything other than the best customer service possible. Our staff is well trained and we have been doing sizing and fittings for diabetic shoes for over 10 years. Because an ill-fitting shoe can make blood circulation worse and lead to ulcers or calluses, we take the time to make sure you are comfortable in our store while you try your shoes on. We encourage you to walk around the room several times. We know that these diabetic comfort shoes need to actually be comfortable, above all else. Because we have been in this business for many years, we know that dealing with health insurance companies can be overwhelming. Well-versed in Medicare policy regarding prescriptions for diabetic shoes we can help you through the Medicare and insurance billing process. Most shoes are covered by insurance with a prescription. Additionally, most insurance programs will allow for one pair of shoes per year allowing you to enjoy the comfort, control, and support of a new shoe rather than an older worn shoe with support weakened by age and wear. We know who to call if you have a problem, so you don’t need to spend time waiting on hold to get your answers. Our commitment to professionalism and to your health means that we will work hard to help you and your feet.

Men’s Diabetic Shoes

One of the defining factors between regular shoes and specially designed diabetic shoes is the attention to detail. Hard shoes that have no “give” will increase the stress on the foot, making blood circulation worse and leading to health risks. Both men’s and women’s diabetic shoes are made to be wider and deeper than a regular shoe. This makes room for a special diabetic insole to be placed inside the shoe. This is true for walking shoes. Because Boston is known for its harsh winters, it is important to note that a good quality boot can make a big difference in the middle of January. Small details, like breathable fabric to prevent sweaty feet, or no inner seams in the shoe (this can rub against the foot leading to irritation) are what make the difference in shoes that are specially constructed with diabetic neuropathy in mind.

Women's diabetic shoes

When it comes to shoes we understand not only health, fit, but we also understand that you just may want to be fashionable. We can certainly assist women looking for diabetic shoes that offers a bit of a fashion statement. Our shoe specialist is constantly on the look out for fashionable shoes when it comes to our line of products. Offering all the qualities of a diabetic shoe, wider, deeper, stronger, we can also offer you a look you can be proud of. So if you are in the market for a woman’s diabetic shoe we urge you to contact us and find out more about the shoes we, at AM PM Medical Supply, have to offer.

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