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Snoring can be serious. Ask a sleep apnea sufferer or their partner and you will find just how serious and stressful may be. This also could be the sign of your need for a CPAP machine from AM-PM Medical Supplies. It can be not only a marriage-saver, but also a real lifesaver.

Sleep Apnea CPAP Machine in Boston

In a world where acronyms have become legend, four letters stand out, CPAP. The four letters that stand for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure may not only save your marriage but they could also save your life. CPAP machines, made by Respironics and CPAP Resmed, give you back a normal night's sleep. CPAP machines or sleep apnea machines are made with a single purpose, fighting the short times during your sleep where, if you snore, you stop breathing. Boston Home Medical Supply provides the marriage-saving and potentially life-saving CPAP machines technology that keeps the air pressure positive in your airway at night when clenched teeth, overweight or other medical problems may block air flow, causing sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea CPAP Machine in BostonCPAP Full Face Masks Boston, MA

Boston Medical Supply provides the CPAP masks needed by people who suffer the most common type of sleep issue, obstructive sleep apnea, where the airway becomes narrowed you drift off to sleep and your body relaxes. When the muscles in the airway relax, they can cause obstruction and the CPAP mask provides you with the positive air pressure, at all times. Some have said that CPAP works because air flow becomes blocked, but that is not the case. In cases like this, a CPAP full face mask is your first and, perhaps best, line of defense. It also splits the nose and mouth so that you have a proper airway. CPAP full face masks provide you with unobstructed breathing. Some have also noted that full CPAP masks often provide relief the first night they are used and that sleeping partners are often as relieved as the users that the mask is in place because now both get a restful full night of sleep.

CPAP Nasal Mask Massachusetts Brighton

CPAP Masks need not be full face masks to work. Indeed, AM-PM Home Medical Supplies offers nasal pillow CPAP accessories or a nasal CPAP device that works primarily with the nasal airway by keeping positive air pressure through a nasal device. The key to this device is ensuring that the straps are correctly placed for proper operation. Some CPAP users find that their airways can become chafed due to the dryness of the air in the system so adding a CPAP humidifier unit to their mask is beneficial in adding a small amount of humidity to the air mix keeping your sinuses and airway humidified.

Portable CPAP Machine in Boston

One of the bigger worries that some CPAP mask users have is that they will not have access their sleeping aides while on the road and while some hotels and long-term residence units are supplying their guests with contacts to CPAP connections, one should consider contacting Boston Home Medical Equipment about a travel CPAP machine that will allow the user to have their personal and very portable CPAP machine and accessories for the most comfortable nights sleep. For quick information on portable CPAP machines that you can take with you if your assignment is going to take you out of town and home for several weeks just call AM PM and they'll have you informed and supplied in very short order.

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